Math for Kids with AI

Math for Kids with AI

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Key Features

Powered by Guru AI

Advanced AI features to keep motivating Kids to learn Math, gives Math Tasks based on kids current progress and showed


Recognise Real World Geometric Shapes and choose correct shapes from different images randomly selected.

Configurable Settings

Settings allows you to choose custom number range for your kid to practice progressively. Default is 0-25, you can change it to any range e.g., 50-100 according to your kid's expertise. You can also delete all reports and start from zero.

No ad and No data collected

No kids data is collected and no ad is displayed on the app


Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division related questions. Continuous practice makes kids very strong in arithmatic area.

Logical Problem Solving

Solve logical problems e.g. Analog Clock Hands, Compare Numbers

AI Generated Math Tasks & Detailed Reports

AI analyzes current correct answers and determines kids weakness.

Visual Effects

Kids get minimal visual effects as required for effective learning


Guru AI keeps motivating Kids to learn Math. Guru AI shows progress report, correct answers percentages in all categories e.g., Addition, Subtraction etc. kids can learn by themselves from AI advices. Guru AI also provide Tasks to the Kids so that they are always kept busy to Keep up the good learning practices. In this current time, kids trust an Advice from App or Internet, we have considered that very carefully for your kid’s learning improvement. Guru AI is always keep watching kids progress, provide advices and keep encouraging your kids to become Math expert. AI does not collect data from your device, every thing in side the app and no internet connection needed.

AI generates unlimited addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, compare, analog clock, geometry and many more questions for your kids. Kids get visual feedback if correct or wrong answer is given by them. Kids can also tap help button to get the correct answer from Guru AI. Parents can check kids previous answers and progresses by checking Result on each category as well as from Guru AI -> Reports section. All reports can be deleted from Settings-> Delete All to start from zero again.

Math questions are asked within certain number range (default Min value 1- Max value 25), it can be changed (from 1 to max 100000) from Settings -> Max and Settings -> Min according to the kids expertise or progress. Let’s say, you want your kid to practice more from 26-50 number range, please change the settings accordingly and the AI will only generate Math questions from that Range.

Progress can be checked in any time either from Dashboard or GUI AI -> Reports or in individual category e.g., Addition (+) App -> Results.

We care data privacy, no data is stored elsewhere or in cloud or taken from your device. It’s all on the mobile phone or in your tablet.

We wish all the very best for your kid in math learning Journey, Stay with us and keep up to date with more Categories are regularly published.


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